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Quantitative Trading

The Colby QUANT Leveraged IRA (QUANT Leveraged) seeks profits from trading leveraged ETFs based on a short-term quantitative model.  QUANT Leveraged is based on Robert W. Colby's

proprietary research and over 50 years of trading and system development.  QUANT Leveraged looks for trading opportunities in the short-term based on intra-day and daily price movements.  QUANT Leveraged can trade with the trend, against the trend, or it can stay in cash.

QUANT Leveraged will trade a short- to medium-term long or short position in Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

that track the performance of 3 times the S&P 500, or it will hold cash or cash equivalents.  The QUANT Leveraged algorithm is very selective, and the portfolio is historically in cash over 50% of the time, waiting for high probability opportunities.

Please note the Quant Leveraged Portfolio is a high-risk trading algorithm--we will need to assess the appropriateness of this trading program for each potential client.

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