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Help Your Clients Diversify Their Investment STRATEGIES,

Not Just Their Asset Classes.


Think About It:
When stocks are strong, if you have your clients in a 60/40 Portfolio, the

bonds usually hurt performance.   If bonds are strong, the stocks hurt

performance.   If both stocks and bonds are weak (which can happen), you should actually be in cash, right?   A diversified portfolio is widely accepted as the strategy of choice, but it can lead to enormous losses, like it did from 2000 to 2002 and then again in 2008.

Can Your Clients Afford to Lose 40% to 50% Like 2008?

Add An Additional Strategy to Add Real Diversification:
We can identify major stock market trends with our "Trend Monitors."

  • When stocks are strong, we invest in stocks.

  • When bonds are strong, we invest in bonds.

  • When all asset classes are weak or underperforming, we move to cash.

Colby Trend Identification2018a.jpg

Increase Your Revenue with Our Solicitor Program:

Robert W. Colby Asset Management offers something truly unique in the industry.  If you qualify for and if you are able to accept a referral fee, our Solicitor Program may be of great interest to you.   Robert W. Colby Asset Management, Inc. will pay you a 50% referral fee quarterly, deducted from our management fee, for as long as your clients remain invested in any of our managed accounts and continue to pay our quarterly management fee.  Please call Bill Anderson at 646-652-6879 to discuss our Solicitor Program.

Access to Robert W. Colby's Proprietary Research:

Advisors who participate in our Solicitor Program will also receive Robert W. Colby's Colby Global Markets Report every week.   Mr. Colby has been a consultant to institutional and private investors and traders for 50+ years, and his research, analysis, and observations can help you and your clients as well.

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