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The table below outlines the annual fee for implementing Mr. Colby's investing methodology in your account.  More information, disclosures, and terms and conditions will be sent directly to you for your review.  Fees will be billed quarterly in arrears... one-fourth of the annual fee is due each quarter, based on the account balance at the end of the quarter.

PLEASE NOTE:  This table outlines fees charged by Robert W. Colby Asset Management, Inc. ONLY.  The custodian that services your account (i.e. holds your money) will charge additional fees for their trading, recordkeeping, and other services.

Folio Institutional (Goldman Sachs)

0% from $0 to $10,000

1% for portion of account $10,001 to $500,000

0.75% for portion of account over $500,000

Interactive Brokers, and Charles Schwab

1% of account

Other Custodians

2% of account

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