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Core Portfolios

The goal of the Colby Safety-First Portfolio is to achieve capital appreciation while controlling risk, primarily by selecting various Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) at advantageous times, according to Colby's comprehensive analysis, which may include Colby's updated version of the Screening Method for Analysis of Relative Strength (described above), other objective research methods, and considered judgment based Colby's estimates of Potential Reward compared to Potential Risk going forward.   (Click for Brochure.)

The Colby Fixed-Income Portfolio is not designed to track the general bond market, and so it may not be highly correlated to the broad bond market indexes. Rather, it is designed with an objective to potentially perform relatively well in any market or economic environment, including periods of expansion, contraction, inflation, deflation, etc., unlike the broad bond market indexes, which passively track the general market, even when bond prices are in protracted downtrends. Colby attempts to obtain consistent quarterly returns that exceed those of the bond market and to protect capital against significant risks.

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