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Colby Global Markets Report    


The Vital Intelligence You Need from a Trusted Investment Authority

Robert W. Colby quite literally wrote the book on effective methods to identify and profit from market trends, both uptrends and downtrends.   With more than 50-years of experience working with these indicators, Colby knows when to get onboard a rising-tide bull market and when to step out of the way of a wealth-destroying bear market.  Imagine the difference it could have made to your portfolio if you had only known at the time:

  • On November 21, 2007, Colby announced that a Dow Theory Bear Market had begun.  The stock market dropped more than 50% over the following 15 months.

  • On July 23, 2009, Colby announced that a Dow Theory Bull Market had begun.  The stock market rose nearly 5 fold over the following years.


This is the vital intelligence you need to protect and grow your wealth.  You also need to know precisely which major sectors, industry groups, and individual investments to select.  Now, you can get all this and more with Colby's clear and concise weekly newsletter and bonus updates.

You will receive:

Complete Weekly Market Assessment:

Bull Market or Bear Market, using Colby's updated version of the Dow Theory--plus much more--all using Colby's objective, unbiased methods proven over 50 years of continuous experience.

Major Stock Market Sectors:                                                                                                      Which are gaining in Strength--or deteriorating into Weakness.

Top 10 ETFs and Exchange Traded Fund Rankings:

Colby's Top 10 ETF Research Study and weekly Relative Strength Rankings of over 100 ETFs, as featured in

Forbes Magazine.  Each ETF is ranked completely objectively, quantitatively, and precisely so you can easily choose only the best, the most likely to grow your capital.

Colby Economic Expectations Index

Each day, we compute our Expectations Index by comparing the actual reported economic data to the consensus estimates of economists. If the actual data is better than economists' estimates, our index rises. If the actual data is worse than economists' estimates, our index falls. Changes in the trend of our Index tends to lead changes in the trend of the stock market.


Expanded Rankings of over 1200 ETFs, ETNs, and Closed-End Listed Funds.


Clear and Concise Presentation Style:  

Colby gives you exactly what you need to know while respecting your precious time.   You get the objective facts you need to make effective decisions in a way that is easy to understand and use.


At no additional charge, to keep you ahead of the crowd, you will receive special bulletins and updates when conditions change between regularly scheduled weekly newsletters.

Free White Paper:

With your paid subscription to the Colby Global Markets Report, you will receive our Free White Paper, "Introduction to the Screening Method for Analysis of Relative Strength," by Robert W. Colby, CMT.

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