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The Colby Investment Ratings Report
a weekly update of current trends in a simple, easy-to-use format

Every weekend you will receive:     100% objective and unbiased ratings of Asset Classes, U.S. Stock, Foreign, Emerging Markets, Bond, Commodity, Real Estate, and Commission-Free ETFs*

Try our fund ratings to manage your retirement accounts, IRAs, 401(k) plan, and brokerage accounts.
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Manage Your Portfolios Better than Professionals

The Problem -- Many, in fact most, financial advisors and portfolio managers simply invest your money in one of their standard diversified portfolios, then do nothing. But the passive buy-and-hold approach guarantees that when the market suffers one of its recurring drops of 20% to 60%, you will lose that much or more, after fees. And make no mistake, nothing is more certain than the fact that the financial markets periodically suffer very big losses. But now you don't have to just sit there while your portfolio loses a big chunk of its value.

The Solution -- What you need is an objective, tested method that you can easily apply in all of your investment accounts. Investing in the right fund at the right time can make all the difference to your financial future.

Objective Ratings Based on Decades of Research by a Trusted Investment Authority

Robert W. Colby literally wrote the book on effective methods to identify and profit from market trends, both uptrends and downtrends. Based on more than 40 years of professional experience, Colby's 100% objective, unbiased ratings can get your portfolio onboard rising trends and get you out of wealth-destroying down trends. You can be sure that major market cycles (huge upswings followed by massive downswings) will continue in the future, just as they always have in the past. Why not profit from these big price swings instead of being victimized by them?   Click here for a no-risk Free Trial.

We rate these asset classes every week:                                        Commission-Free ETFs*
                  Ticker Symbol
        Bond, 20+ Year US Treasury         TLT                           Bond EmrgMkt JPM iS, EMB
        Bond, 7-10 Year US Treasury         IEF                           Bond Muni ATM-Free S&P iS, MUB
        Bond, Inflation-Protected US         TIP                           Bond, Aggregate, AGG
        Bond, US Bond Aggregate         AGG                           Bond, High Yield Corp, HYG
        Bear Market, Short S&P 500         SH                           Bond, Inflation-Protected US, TIP
        Bond, 1-3 Year US Treasury         SHY                           Bond, Investment Grade Corp., LQD
        Cash, 1-12 Months US T-Bills         SHV                           Dividend International, IDV
        Bond, Investment Grade Corporate         LQD                           Dividend US, DVY
        Large Cap Growth         VUG                           Emerging Markets, EEM
        Bond, Sovereign non-US         BWX                           Foreign/International, EFA
        Commodities         DBC                           Global, ACWI ex US, ACWX
        Large Cap Blend, S&P 500         SPY                           Global, All Country World, ACWI
        Real Estate Investment Trusts         VNQ                           Growth 1000 Russell, IWF
        Mid Cap Growth         IWP                           Growth S&P 500/BARRA, IVW
        Bond, High-Yield Junk         JNK                           LargeCap 1000 R, IWB
        Mid Cap Value         IWS                           LargeCap Blend Russell 3000, IWV
        Mid Cap Blend         MDY                           Mid Cap Growth S&P iS, IJK
        Large Cap Value         IVE                           MidCap S&P 400 iS, IJH
        Small Cap Growth         IWO                           Real Estate US, IYR
        Small Cap Blend         IWM                           S&P 500 iS, IVV
        Small Cap Value         IWN                           Small Cap Blend, IWM
        Foreign/International         EFA                           Small Cap EAFE MSCI iS, SCZ
        Emerging Markets         EEM                           Small Cap Growth S&P iS, IJT
                EEM                           Small Cap Growth, IWO
                EEM                           SmallCap S&P 600, IJR
                EEM                           Value 1000 Russell, IWD
                EEM                           Value MidCap S&P 400 B, IJJ
                EEM                           Value S&P 500 B, IVE
                EEM                           Value SmallCap Russell 2000, IWN
                EEM                           Value SmallCap S&P 600 B, IJS

* We Now Rate iShares® Commission-Free ETFs at Fidelity Investments™
Take full advantage of commission-free ETF trading at Fidelity. Using our ratings, now you can update your portfolio every week without paying commissions to a broker. We have no financial or business relationship with either iShares or Fidelity Investments. iShares is a registered trademark of BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. Fidelity Investments is a registered trademark owned by FMR LLC.

Click here for a no-risk Free Trial.   Investment returns cannot be guaranteed, and there is always a risk of loss using any investment method. Past Performance is not a guide to future performance. Investments covered are not suitable for all investors.

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