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Colby Managed Account Performance:
Please click on the data sheet icon to view details for each portfolio.

Allocation   /   Index                                               2018 through
      Ave. Return
      Strategy       Data Sheet
Colby Aggressive Allocation       6.96%       10.25%       9.05       Absolute Return        
Colby Moderately Aggressive Allocation       5.68%       9.17%       7.80       Absolute Return        
Colby Moderately Conservative Allocation       3.99%       7.67%       5.91       Absolute Return        
Colby Conservative Allocation       0.25%       5.96%       3.94       Absolute Return        
      S&P 500 Total Return       3.01%       7.88%       18.32            
      Barclays U.S. Aggregate
        Bond Index TR
      -2.38%       2.99%       3.26            
Core Portfolios                                                                                                                      
Safety First Portfolio       7.33%       9.62%       12.86       Absolute Return       Safety First
Flex Portfolio
      6.75%       8.35%       10.18       Absolute Return       FLEX
Stocks Plus Portfolio       6.71%       15.06%       15.92       Absolute Return       Stocks Plus
Fixed-Income Portfolio       -1.45%       5.60%       4.50       Absolute Return       Fixed-Income
Discretionary Trading       1.84%       3.80%       5.90       Absolute Return       Discretionary Trading
               Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through current month. Std. Deviation - 2007-2017.  Fixed-Income and all allocations Std. Deviation 2010-2017.  Discretionary Trading Std. Deviation through current month.
               See product data sheets for specific dates each portfolio was traded and/or back tested.