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Individual Investors:
 Your Retirement Could Be In Jeopardy.
Before the bear market of 2008-2009, most of us had not saved enough for retirement.  Now our nest eggs are probably even smaller.

 Your Old 401k or IRA Might Be Designed for "Market Returns."
Many 401k plans or IRAs are overloaded with Large Cap, Mid Cap, and Small Cap Stock funds as investment choices... even using sophisticated asset allocation algorithms, it is difficult to achieve returns higher than the S&P 500, i.e. "The Market."  It gets worse; for the last 5 years, the average return of "the Market" has been near zero... wow.   Enough said.  (as of January, 2012)

 New Concept - Invest In Areas That Have High Relative Strength
At Robert W. Colby Asset Management, Inc. we focus on a concept called "Absolute Returns." We do not focus on a particular market segment, nor do we try to create portfolios that are diversified over all market segments... we focus on returns... regardless of the market segment.

 It is time to Rollover Your Old 401k.
We can provide professional, active management for your old 401k or IRA account...   we will strive to produce positive returns in ANY market condition.  Call us today at 646-652-6879.

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