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Colby Advisor Partner Program:  Increase AUM
Increase AUM by Offering Absolute Return Portfolios:
Changing strategies at the right time can enhance returns in rising market trends and reduce risk in declining market trends, thereby preserving capital.

We have a tested quantitative method designed to shift capital from a growth strategy to a conservative strategy at the appropriate time.  By automatically and incrementally adapting to major market trends, our method is designed to boost returns in bullish markets and preserve capital in bearish markets.

For example, in bull markets, most stocks rise in price, some more than others, and our Stocks Plus Portfolio has selected stocks that have substantially outperformed the S&P 500 Composite Stock Price Index in actual trading.  In bear markets, most stocks go down, so we shift capital to our Safety First Portfolio, which has preserved capital in actual trading when stocks decline.

The shift from growth to safety is managed by our 100% objective quantitative algorithm, automatically and incrementally, without any effort on your part.   Several options on this theme are available to fit the needs of your clients.

Allocation   /   Index                                               2018 through
      Ave. Return
Colby Aggressive Allocation       4.70%       10.85%       9.05       Absolute Return        
Colby Moderately Aggressive Allocation       3.78%       9.71%       7.80       Absolute Return        
Colby Moderately Conservative Allocation       2.57%       8.14%       5.91       Absolute Return        
Colby Conservative Allocation       -0.17%       6.41%       3.94       Absolute Return        
      S&P 500 Total Return       1.83%       8.09%       18.32            
      Barclays U.S. Aggregate
        Bond Index TR
      -2.09%       3.27%       3.26            
Core Portfolios                                                                                                                      
Discretionary Trading       -0.038%       4.18%       6.94       Absolute Return      
Safety First Portfolio       4.69%       9.98%       12.86       Absolute Return      
Flex Portfolio
      4.68%       8.68%       10.18       Absolute Return      
Stocks Plus Portfolio       4.71%       15.84%       15.92       Absolute Return      
Fixed-Income Portfolio       -1.38%       6.09%       4.50       Absolute Return      
               Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through current month. Std. Deviation - 2007-2017.  Fixed-Income Std. Deviation 2010-2017.  Discretionary Trading Std. Deviation through current month.
               See product data sheets for specific dates each portfolio was traded and/or back tested.

Increase Revenue with Our Solicitor Program:
Robert W. Colby Asset Management offers something truly unique in the industry.  If you qualify for and if you are able to accept a referral fee, our Solicitor Program may be of great interest to you.   Robert W. Colby Asset Management, Inc. will pay you a 50% referral fee quarterly, deducted from our management fee, for as long as your clients remain invested in any of our managed accounts and continue to pay our quarterly management fee.  Please call Bill Anderson at 646-652-6879 to discuss our Solicitor Program.

Access to Robert W. Colby's Proprietary Research:
Advisors who participate in our Solicitor Program will also receive Robert W. Colby's Colby Global Markets Report every week.   Mr. Colby has been a consultant to institutional and private investors and traders for 45+ years, and his research, analysis, and observations can help you and your clients as well.